Montag, 4. Juni 2012

5 things...

Hi ihr Lieben.

Ich habe ja schon eine Weile nichts mehr von mir hören lassen, obwohl ich noch so viele Bilder und Rezepte für euch habe... Ich werde versuchen, das in den nächsten Tagen etwas nachzuholen. Heute gibts ausnahmsweise kein Rezept, sondern ein kleines Spielchen auf Englisch.
Die liebe Maja hat es an mich weitergereicht und nun möchte ich versuchen, euch auf Englisch 5 Dinge zu erzählen, die ihr noch nicht von mir wusstet! Ich hoffe mal, dass meine Grammatik nicht allzu inkorrekt sein wird.... Ansonsten sei es mir hoffentlich verziehen. ;-)

So, let's begin this little game...

5 things, you didn't know about me:

  1. I have a little eccentricity with the number 7.... When I have to find a locker in the library, I'm always looking for a number with a 7 in it. Last time I went to the swimming pool with my boyfriend, I couldn't find a matching locker, because all of the 7's were assigned. My boyfriend couldn't understand, why that's so important for me and I can't explain it either...
  2. Most people I'm telling that don't believe me, but I'm a really shy person. (!!!) But I'm really good in hiding that! ;-) As a child, this timidity was very stressing for me, because I didn't even have the heart to send for the waiter in a restaurant to pay.
  3. That sounds unreal, I know, but I love to clean my little flat! I really could spend the whole day by dusting, wiping, hoovering etc...
  4. There is one thing I really can't learn: to separate eggs.... I don't know why, but every time I'm trying something goes terribly wrong. My mom yet laughs at me because I'm so clumsy with the eggs. In general I hate it to open these monsters - everytime, it's such a big mess when I'm trying!
  5. I really have a sweet tooth!! When I'm having cookies or chocolate or every other sweets in my flat, I often can't think of anything else than eating these things... Cookies rob my self control!!!

That's it. I hope the english speaking guys don't run away laughing at my grammar... ;-)

I would like pass the game to the following persons:
Thanks for reading - now you know the Zuckerschnute a little bit better! ;-)

eure Zuckerschnute

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  1. Wir werden von From Snuggs Kitchen vertreten. Vielen Dank dass du uns ausgesucht hast! :)
    Leider sind wir ja so gut wie im Urlaub.
    Viel Spaß euch!!!
    Liebste Grüße